Day 8 through 11

11/365 {5.25.14}

Andrew has been in Montreal this weekend for our friend Eric’s bachelor party so I got some me-time and some girl-time in. Chipotle was a good way to top off Sunday night! (iPhone)


10/365 {5.24.14}

I got sushi with Amanda in Old Town and saw this. Yeah… this is why we rent. (Canon 5D)



9/365 {5.23.14}

We took a walk around our neighborhood and ended up under an off ramp for 395. (iPhone)



8/365 {5.22.14}

By some miracle, we only had one dish in our sink on a weeknight. (Canon 5D)



mulligatawny soup and our crappy gym

Day 7 {5.21.14}

We were at the gym tonight and noticed the Exit sign on the floor. We rent an apartment in a condo association with state of the art facilities. (iPhone)


Day 6 {5.20.14}

We eat a lot of Indian food. Mostly we order from one of the many Indian restaurants nearby but sometimes we cook it ourselves. I decided on a paleo mulligatawny soup recipe (with basmati of course!) and it was deeeelicious. (iPhone)



My 365 Project – Post Numero Uno {5.15.14 – 5.18.14}

Around New Years I decided I wanted to do a Project 365 – a photo project where you take a photo every day. People do it to challenge themselves, document their life, improve their photography, make positive life decisions, and tons of other cool reasons. There are all sorts of online groups you can join where you share your 365 with others and you support and encourage one another. It’s really inspiring and I didn’t get a chance to start it back in January but I thought it would be really awesome to start one on mine and Andrew’s wedding anniversary to document our 5th year of marriage together. Andrew loved the idea and so on May 15th 2014, our 4 year anniversary – we started the project!

Some people have rules and themes for their 365. Since we are talking about 365 photos, I am going to be pretty flexible. I want the theme to mainly be about our 5th year of marriage and what we experience but this doesn’t mean that every photo has to be from something we did together. Part of marriage is being an individual and bringing that awesomeness into the union you’ve created. Plus we will not be spending every single day of the next year together – so we kind of have to be flexible in this area! I’m also not a stickler for needing to be the one who hits the shutter. I love photography and take a lot of pictures that I am proud of but for this project, it isn’t 100% about my hobby and improving my skills. This probably sets me apart from the majority of other true 365ers out there but that’s A-okay with me! That being said, I will likely take more than 95% of the photos 😉 I’m also flexible with what is used to document our days. My parents just got me an iPhone for my birthday so I am really excited to experiment with it! I also have a Canon 5D that I will be using.

I won’t be posting daily because that is unrealistic for me but I will put them together in a post in order from newest to oldest so that they are archived in the correct descending order that blogs have as you scroll down the page.

Alright! So now that we have all the logistics out of the way… let’s see some photos!

4/365 {5.18.14}

Sunday is a good day for baking paleo muffins. We eat the shit out of these. (iPhone photo)


3/365 {5.17.14}

Our friends Danny and Ashley got married this night and it was a great wedding. They are an awesome couple and we could not be happier for them! (Canon 5D)


2/365 {5.16.14}

Andrew and I shoot hoops a lot when the weather is nice. He took this one of me making a shot. (iPhone)


1/365 {5.15.14}

Our 4th anniversary night! I had class so it wasn’t exactly a black tie affair but we still had fun together taking selfies on the iPhone before we went to bed. I’m hiding in this one because I don’t like my face without mascara!