Catching up with some 365 over the last week


18/365 {6.1.14}

We finally made it to the pool today! (iPhone)


17/365 {5.31.14}

We had to try this new pop up ice cream shop called Nicecream Factory. They freeze the ice cream on the spot with liquid nitrogen. It’s awesome. Despite Eric’s face in the photo, he agreed. (iPhone)



16/365 {5.30.14}

Last summer, there was a yarn bomb guy on the pedestrian bridge. This summer, he has a purple brother in front of the library. (iPhone)



15/365 {5.29.14}

I get home from class hungry and Andrew cooks me a fried egg (at which he is the best at). (iPhone)



14/365 {5.28.14}

Andrew had class and I got home from the library to study some more. You can pretty much find me on the couch with this book every Wednesday until this class ends. Used a timer on the iPhone for this one.



13/365 {5.27.14}

Rainy and stormy out the bedroom window. (Canon 5D)



12/365 {5.26.14}

Andrew got back from Montreal and was greeted with Indian take out and Star Trek. Great Memorial Day. (Canon 5D)


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