365 June moments



30/365 {6.13.14} Our new thing this summer is to play tennis. Mostly we just try to get a volley going for at least 10 consecutive hits. (Canon 5D)



29/365 {6.12.14} Raining outside and rain in our kitchen. (Canon 5D)



28/365 {6.11.14} Mixing some spices for home made Indian food. Yes, we are in love with South Asian cuisine. (Canon 5D)



27/365 {6.10.14} BACON!!! It’s going in a salad, okay? (Canon 5D)



26/365 {6.9.14} Poor Andrew used to do the slugline before we were married and he was living with his parents to save money. (iPhone)



25/365 {6.8.14} Just doing some Sunday shopping at our favorite grocery store. (iPhone)



24/365 {6.7.14} I watched the horse race with my work friends at a bar in Georgetown. Andrew had to debrief me on why everyone was so excited about the possibility of a triple crown. I actually did feel excited when people were cheering on California Chrome and a bit sad when he lost. (iPhone)



23/365 {6.6.14} Time to shoot some hoops. (Canon 5D)


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