Tough Mudder, New York, and other things.


39/365 {6.22.14} I pet sit the cuuutest cat this week. I wantz her. (iPhone)



38/365 {6.21.14} We had a Rowland pool party at Andrew’s parents’ house. They are putting the house on the market soon so we wanted to get one last hurrah in before it goes. (Canon 5D)



37/365 {6.20.14} Today was the last day of the school year for my students (even though they come back for summer session) and one of my parents gave me this sweet card. I am lucky to work with such amazing students and their families! (iPhone)



36/365 {6.19.14} One of the many exciting parts of my job is working with children who are from all over the world. Today I had an IEP for the cutest little boy from Morocco. I love seeing different languages translated for the forms we give families. What’s especially cool about Arabic is that they read/write from right to left (hence the bullets on the right side of the page). I just think that is so neat! (iPhone)



35/365 {6.18.14} Just a peek into our dwelling. (iPhone)


34/365 {6.17.14} Andrew has to take an international business class abroad for his MBA and today we found out which country… SOUTH AFRICA! Imagine the safari photos!!! (iPhone. taking a photo of my Samsung Galaxy that I still use as a phone…)


33/365 {6.16.14} Our living room after bedtime. Where would we be without ROKU? (Canon 5D)


32/365 {6.15.14} I spent a beautiful weekend in NYC with Bridget. There was lots of drinking, eating, walking, and catching up. We also got to see our friends Teie and Jimmy. This shot was at brunch Sunday morning at a great spot called Mud in the East Village. (Canon 5D)



31/365 {6.14.14} Andrew and his dad did a Tough Mudder! This was the after shot with their celebratory beers. I didn’t get to see the action because I was in New York with my friend Bridget but someone snapped a pic as evidence of their accomplishment!


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